What is Cryotherapy?

Whole body cryotherapy is a hyper-cooling process that lowers skin temperature for a period of up to three minutes by enveloping the body with extremely cold air.  Each 3-minute session occurs in our state-of-the-art cryo chamber used by many professional sports teams.  The chamber is rapidly chilled by vaporized liquid nitrogen.

How Does Cryotherapy Work?

Cryotherapy induces a 3-minute temperature stress to the body.  As the cryosauna temperature drops, the thermoreceptors in the skin send signals to the brain to pull blood to the core to protect organs by constricting blood vessels. The body’s metabolism accelerates and natural healing processes are activated.  Blood is enriched with oxygen, enzymes, and nutrients to protect the body and optimize function.

Upon exiting the cryochamber the body warms and blood vessels expand.  Nutrient rich blood flows back through the body speeding the healing process of tissues and skin.  Pain and inflammation and pain is reduced, and the metabolic rate remains accelerated.

The History of Cryotherapy

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) originated in Japan in 1978 when Dr Yamaguchi used freezing treatments of short duration on rheumatoid arthritis patients' skin surface for pain management. The benefits have been studied and refined in Europe since that time. Cryotherapy is now utilized in the United States.

Applying something cold to an injury or ache has been an accepted medical treatment for centuries. Localized Cryotherapy dates to the 1600s, with the Greek term “cryo” meaning “cold,” and “therapy” meaning “treatment.”

What are the Benefits of Cryotherapy?



Improve complexion

Increase collagen production

Reduce skin blemishes

Strengthen hair

Strengthen fingernails & toenails

Accelerate calorie burn / Aid in weight loss



Increase performance

Speed workout recovery

Increase muscle stamina

Reduce inflammation and muscle soreness

Relieve tendonitis and shin splints

Improve joint function

Boost energy



Naturally relieve pain

Speed recovery from injury or surgery

Reduce inflammation and swelling

Accelerate metabolism / Aid in weight loss

Improve blood circulation

Reset the body’s immune processes

Increase energy

Elevate mood

Aid in treatment of arthritis and joint pain